Are You a Dream Chaser?

I’m writing a long series of posts on dreams (not the night visions during sleep) but aspirations and desires. There is a lot going around that supports following your dreams and there is also a lot going around that says dreamers are time wasters.

So, I was wondering, are you a dream chaser? What are dreams to you? Is it Biblical to follow your dreams? What type of people do you define as dreamers?

I’m very curious what you have to say without any context. Let the opinions flow!

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I am a Hopemade Woman because I hope for the promise of life through Jesus. This hope is what drives me! I am a creative romantic with big dreams of successfully merging the homemaker life, the blogger life and a spicy dash of the entrepreneurial life. What can I say? I like to juggle and that is okay--I am learning at all times, as you'll soon find out. I blog to share this hope with other women and mommas.

9 thoughts on “Are You a Dream Chaser?

  1. I am a dream chaser. I believe that it is biblical. I actually think that God places dreams in our hearts and that once we reach some of them He puts a new dream in there. I think that the problem comes in the tension of why we chase dreams. Some times my motives are God honoring and other times I am just trying to get my way. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I like the idea of God replacing a finished dream. Our motives can definitely change, but if your motive is wrong about the dream or goal does that make the dream or goal wrong? I only ask because in a sense, the dream is the motive.

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  2. I am a bit of a yes and a no when it comes to being a dream chaser. Sometimes I go for it and other times it takes someone close to me spurring me on.
    Dreams to me are good to have but they are not my measure to define being happy or successful. They have definitely changed over the years based on what takes priority in my life.
    Dreamers can either be big on dreaming but low on achieving or motivated to achieve their goals, I guess it just depends on the person. But I can say that a motivated dreamer is usually a powerful force.

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    1. Oh, I really like that boundary you have around measuring your happiness or success. Dreams are definitely always evolving which would make it hard to hold yourself to a standard that has changed. A “motivated dreamer” is a nice distinction! A lot of times we can fall into the trap of dreaming rather than living but someone who is working on their aspirations is closing that gap.

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  3. Am I a dream chaser?
    I literally am having a hard time with this answer I am and I’m not
    I have chased my dream in owning a business but at the push of my husband cause I didn’t have enough confidence 🙃 so yes and no haha
    What are dreams to you?
    Dreams can be wants -or- real visions of your destiny
    Is it Biblical to follow your dreams?
    Hmmmmm 🤔 to this 1 I am not sure
    What type of people do you define as dreamer?
    There are many dreamers, there are those that have visions of their futures knowing what they want and get it those are the motivated dreamers
    There are dream followers they hear of others having future aspects or visions of life and so they follow others dreams in hopes that it will satisfy their void
    There are non dreamers who have no clue what they should chase and or lack any motivation and will sit stagnant
    There are fibbing dreamers they sell you a dream or sell themselves a dream because they’re literally never on planet earth 🌏

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    1. I’m really enjoying this response!! Lots of good stuff here. There are definitely different level of dreamers, some are good and some are bad. I wonder if you can get the good levels by first being in the bad levels?

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