Merry Christmas, From Mama X

Good evening, all!

I hope that you experienced the wonderful gift of Jesus, yesterday. The wonderful gift that means love, peace, and above all, salvation.

I also hope that you spent your Christmas loving the people around you. And how very fortunate of you if they loved you back.

It’s a blessing to spend Christmas with my family. Our Christmas tradition is breakfast first thing in the morning. A big breakfast! We have loads of the staples: eggs, bacon, pigs-in-blankets, some type of bread: croissants or pancakes and then other treats like chocolatey treats. Unfortunately, no grits.

After we eat a round or two or three, we all make our way to the tree to share our gifts.

The best part is that my family genuinely enjoys giving! We are always more excited to pass out gifts than we are to open them (and YES! we are very excited to open gifts). The witnessing of somebody else’s smiling eyes is quite satisfying.

The whole year tends to build up to this day and truly, it never disappoints.

This time around, we really outdid ourselves and had a Christmas dinner, as well! Safe to say, I am still stuffed.

In this very spirit of doing more, I wanted to share a gift with all of you.

On the Mama Equis Facebook page, I mentioned that something new was stirring.☺

Part of this is a self-challenge to practice good habits but it’s also about making an effort for others. To use my gifts, time, resources to touch people’s lives. Now, I am no wizardly philanthropist so I won’t solve major life problems.

However, I am a simple gal with simple joys and one of them, as you know, is drawing.

I want my gift to be your gift. So I will give away a handful of drawings throughout 2020! All inspired by the beauty found in the Bible.

I love handmade gifts. More though, I love creating handmade gifts. See, last year, I did cutesy Christmas cards.

Each giveaway will require your participation so that I am able to properly do this.

Each giftee will receive a free quality print of a handmade Bible-inspired illustration shipped directly to their home! Doesn’t this sound fun?!

Merry CHRISTmas ♥

I will see you in the New Year! Stay tuned for more details.

brown gift box
Photo by Lucie Liz on

With love,
Mama X

P.S. Writing has been difficult with work. I will be talking more about the lovely mess of life and all that I’ve learned in this season. Come the new decade and new inspiration!




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I am a Hopemade Woman because I hope for the promise of life through Jesus. This hope is what drives me! I am a creative romantic with big dreams of successfully merging the homemaker life, the blogger life and a spicy dash of the entrepreneurial life. What can I say? I like to juggle and that is okay--I am learning at all times, as you'll soon find out. I blog to share this hope with other women and mommas.

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