Doing it Your Own Way

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We were talking about quiet times with God earlier this week at community group. It quickly became evident that everyone had different ideas about devotionals.

One of the leaders gave some good advice to those who weren’t sure about the purpose behind devotion or how exactly to go about quiet time with God.

She told us that she enjoyed marking her Bible with colors and images that brought the words to visual life. Of course, I enjoyed that idea as you know I love illustrating what I’m inspired by.

Here is one of my devotionals from earlier this year:

Carrots aren’t fruit but this is how I found connection to the verse

I am going to paraphrase her wise words,

“Do devotion your own way. If you’re into sports then read a verse and meditate over it while shooting hoops. You don’t have to do devotionals the way everyone else does. Make it your own because God will be able to speak to you more clearly when you’re seeking Him in your own zone. He will be able to work through you at your level if you give Him your personal interests, time, and passions.”

God often reveals Himself to me in the beauty of plants

There is value in learning from the methods of others, especially when we are new to the activity. So, of course, we should get advice about how we devote time to God.

At the same time, it’s essential to get personal about your own devoted time and energy. Some people can read a chapter (or more) of the Bible a day and totally feel fed by the Word. Other people, like me, need to break down Scripture into verses or small passages.

It often helps me to draw just before, during, or after my Bible reading because art is good for meditation. Maybe for you, meditation is found through running or cooking or mowing the lawn.


On Wednesday, we learned that it’s okay to bless Jesus in our own way despite the criticism we may face because Jesus knows our heart.

It’s easier for us to know Jesus when we give Him our heart. That means getting personal by doing things that involve the gifts and passions God gave you.

Don’t be afraid of doing things wrong because your way is different. Get into your zone, do it from the heart, and be blessed by that honest devotion.

To a Friday full of Flourish! May the inspiration strike,
Mama X

This is the third installment for Flourishing Friday, one of my new weekly categories that will showcase creative reflections. I’ll be uploading my art from these posts to @Mama_Equis on Instagram with the hashtag #FlourishingFriday. I’d love to see your creations and hear about your growth!

You can read my first post for Flourishing Friday and see more inspiring photos, here. Or check out my second post about embracing the storm, here.





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