Finding Inspiration Near You

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Life gets boring when we’ve stopped dreaming, stopped pursuing, when we have too much time to ruminate. Some thing must cure this: new toy, new clothes, new phone.

That’s not how life should be. The unsatiated part of our hearts is a little black hole always searching for more. Black holes eat everything that you feed it, yet, are never satisfied. Not even that new car will do it.

Boredom sucks. Lusting over new things feels desperate.

Instead, we should turn up at God and look to the heavens, His beauty, His creation.

So, that’s it? That’s the solution?

What if all that we seek is already around us? Because–
What if molding the world around us is the best distraction from the gloomy boredom inside?

When I spend time transforming the things God has already given me, I forget all about the emptiness inside myself. I suddenly become full of wonders and possibilities–there is actually so much already here to work with. There’s no space for emptiness when you’re accounting for all that you’ve got.

On top of stuff, you’ve got creativity inside of you. The more we play with creativity, the more natural it comes. Creativity is about taking in ordinary and putting out novelty.

And this is where everything comes full circle because creating something new is better than chasing something new.

Creating something new is better than chasing something new.

Newness is refreshing, that’s why we crave it so bad. Freshness makes the body feel good. It gives the mind a place to rest. Freshness excites the emotions. A fresh soul is satisfied and joyful.

Don’t go searching, go building!

Lately, I’ve been finding a lot inspiration in plants. They’re around my house. They’re beautiful. They teach us about growth. But mostly, it’s what’s around my house.

We don’t need to go far to be creative. We don’t need a major life change. We just need to turn our eyes to what’s better. What’s glorious. And accept that what we have is more than good enough. Creativity is waiting to be cultivated in all of the life around us.


This little Oak tree sprouted around the time my baby was born. I will always know how old this tree is! This is my baby’s tree, now, and she’s going to watch it grow up. I’m hoping this little Oak will teach her a thing or two about the power of time and growth.

Creativity is waiting to be cultivated in ALL of the life around us.

Of course, I found it adorable so I drew it a week ago. As you can see, it’s already grown since.

Ceci n’est pas un arbre

This baby tree is special because it came from a tree that I have grown up next to. Once upon a time, I used to sit in that fork on the left. In two decades, that fork point has reached new heights. Heights that I won’t be able to reach, anymore. Some things outgrow as motivation to grow up! (Grow up, not old.)


All 3 of these trees (hehe, ceci n’est pas un arbre) started with an unsuspecting acorn. A measly acorn somehow got me to post its work online for the whole world to see.

Turn your attention to something beautiful this weekend and make the boredom flee by creating something of your own.

Psalm 104: 24
How many are your works, Lord!
    In wisdom you made them all;
    the earth is full of your creatures.

To a Friday full of Flourish! May the inspiration strike,
Mama X

This is my first edition of Flourishing Friday, one of my new weekly categories where I showcase a creative reflection.

I’ve decided yes on expanding social media horizons. You can find me, now, @Mama_Equis.
Tag your creation on Instagram with #FlourishingFriday* to track your creative growth, and of course I’d love to see! 🙂

*The hashtag was originally #FullFlourishFriday


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I am a Hopemade Woman because I hope for the promise of life through Jesus. This hope is what drives me! I am a creative romantic with big dreams of successfully merging the homemaker life, the blogger life and a spicy dash of the entrepreneurial life. What can I say? I like to juggle and that is okay--I am learning at all times, as you'll soon find out. I blog to share this hope with other women and mommas.

13 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration Near You

  1. Just last weekend my six-year old granddaughter and I went hunting for treasures in the yard. Interesting sticks, leaves, stones, seed pods, and one rose made it into our collection. Next time she visits, we’ll have to do some painting of our finds, following your Baby Oak Tree idea. To freshen the soul with creativity, based on God’s glorious gifts in nature–now that’s a worthy summer afternoon endeavor! Thank you Mama Esquis!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to see a post that showcases those beautiful memories with your granddaughter. It warms me to know that you are inspired to try new things with her. Teaching our children, and children’s children to see God’s beauty and find creativity through that is a wonderful investment.

      Liked by 1 person

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