Non-Christian Music?

I just have one question about what you believe,

Should Christians listen to non-Christian music?

(Of course rule out the vulgar, derogatory, etc music… I’m asking about music that is simple/clean but not made in worship to God)

If you could reference Scripture, that’d be great. Thanks for your input!

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8 thoughts on “Non-Christian Music?

  1. As someone who isn’t particularly religious , I do listen to a lot of music with no actual lyrics so its up to any interpretation. Like there are lots of nice easy going chill electronica music that would be good as non religious and inoffensive music that I would let others listen too .


  2. I’m curious to what your thoughts are behind such a question, but without knowing where you’re coming from, I would ask what makes things “spiritual” and “non-spiritual” (assuming of course, as you said, that it didn’t involve sin). And if so how far do you go down that road? Would you have the same question about movies? About musicals (ex: the sound of music)? About art/paintings? How about eating something which is prepared by non Christian hands. When I go on a walk or a run do I have to be praying? Do I need question whether everything has spiritual significance? Or do I believe there is a God that enjoys watching me enjoying his world, the talents, the art and the he created all around me? For scripture I would back these thoughts up with many of Paul’s writings in Romans 14 and 15. Especially chapter 14 verse 14 and 17 ,18: “ I am convinced, being fully persuaded in the Lord Jesus Christ, that nothing is unclean in itself… for the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God…” I think it also helps me to remember that the Pharisees made up a bunch of rules that were not written by God, and because they got so focussed on following rules rather than living and doing everything for Christ, their hearts became hard and legalistic. I’m glad you’ve addressed this if it’s something you are wondering about! It’s good to talk about these things. My only word of caution would be to not get hung up on things in life that neither pull you away from God or bring you closer to him. Just keep your eyes on him and he will direct your path!

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    1. That’s was a wonderful response, thank you for sharing! I ask because I enjoy a wide variety of music including music that is non-Christian. And I ask because I saw a video where a pastor preached about this. He said that music is from God and so it takes us to another level spiritually, almost like a mindless state where we go to worship. He then implied that we are worshipping the enemy when we listen to music that it’s not directly Godly.
      You make a really good point about how far we are to experience the arts or other features of life. God did create the marvelous things and gave us all talents to enjoy while we live here. I like the verse you used, I’m going to look at those chapters for more insight and direction.

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  3. I think that it is OK for Christians to listen to Non-Christian music. Unfortunately, I don’t have any scripture from the top of my head that I can reference.

    There is secular music out there that promotes love, compassion, peace, etc and these are all things that Christians should strive to promote also. If its not affecting your relationship with God to the point where it’s causing you to become more and more like how the world acts, but instead builds on the principles and messages the Bible teaches, I don’t think there’s necessarily problem. You can tell when you’re doing something or listening to something that you shouldn’t be doing because the Holy Spirit communicates with us in special ways to get our attention. So if you’re listening to a song that’s not Christ music but doesn’t exactly fall in the crowd of music that encourages the evils of the world, be attentive and listen to what God is telling you. I know there’s some people who only have time for Christian music that praises and glorifies God and believe that there is no room for any type of secular music. God allows us to give praise in many different ways which is such a blessing. I’ve heard songs that I thought were about Christianity because the message they preached, but turns out it was just about love and peace. My reaction to the songs was to listen to some Christian music and worship and praise the Lord. Like I said, listen to what God is telling you because he is always communicating and wants the best for us.

    Keep up the great work X !

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response!

      I think that is sound advice about discerning the music while listening. And it is true, there is music that promotes good values found in the Word. But if it’s not revering the Word then I do wonder if I am wrong for enjoying it. It would be important to evaluate the song for its worldliness and ask whether this lines up with what God would want me to consume.

      It’s a hard thing for me to decide on, there are obvious “no’s” but I often need guidance about the more ambiguous things.


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