the Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Wow, sometimes, I wake up and still cannot believe I am going to have a little one here in just some weeks! God designed life in such a creative way, the detailed conditions for incubating a baby are just beyond me. Not entirely, though, I know how I got here. And you know, at first, I really did not want to have a baby shower. For various reasons like being unwed and uncomfortable when in the spotlight. The idea of having to explain my situation to my family and friends made me feel shame.

The shame made me anxious about the idea of throwing a party to celebrate this. But, things cleared up and I came to understand how much of a blessing it is to be able to support and grow a life. God chose me to be her mother and caretaker, the responsibility is huge but also makes me feel special. Because I know I am harboring the most special, gorgeous baby ever!

She’s a beauty already. Beautiful in appearance but way beyond it, as well. She is blessed by God. Her imagination is magical, her energy is delightful, her presence is blissful. She is the work of God’s nature.

And that’s where the idea struck! Garden! Fairy garden baby shower! How exciting it would be to design a fairy-themed party…

So, after finding the perfect location, we found these really sweet invites on Etsy.

Actual invite sent to guests

A baby shower in the gardens? I’ve never been to anything in the garden besides free yoga so the pressure was on to find relevant decor and make proper arrangements. But we made it work!!!

Below, I’m going to share some photos of the set-up and then of pregger me, by Kathryn Ramos ♥ . She did such a wonderful job capturing the essence of the garden and the mood of the shower, I wish I could share all of them but I’ve got to keep some treasures for the family!

One of my aunts surprised me with this customized banner sprinkled with fairy dust!

So what was really lovely about this was that the owner of the nursery moved plants to surround this corridor. On a normal day, you could walk through this area and go into the other sections of the nursery but on our special day, we had a beautiful plant wall. It made the perfect backdrop while enclosing the space.


I love white on white so we used shimmery white table cloths with white chair covers for the main table. Originally, I wanted to line the center of the table with vines and flower petals but vines (yes, the plastic ones) are more pricey than expected. Fortunately, it’s fall so, we found some cheap garland that completed the job. To give the clean space a pop of majesty, we used gold and rose gold paper plates! Oh, the irony but they were so pretty and broke up the white well.

Making these jars was a mission and a half

My mom found this fun DIY and we had to try it. Holding the garland in place were twelve handmade fairy lantern jars! We ended up changing some of the materials to our liking but I think our finished product looks even better, here.

My aunt came across these sweet glitter critters which were perfect for adding sparkle.



I don’t have any photos of the actual souvenirs. But here you can see how my mom packaged them. Our baby shower favors were delicate filigree candle holders that housed super cute tealight candles shaped like succulents. Cactus candles!

Mmmm, the cake was just as delicious as it looked!

Yes, the cake topper is a fairy baby slumbering in the center of a yellow flower… Perfection!

Disclaimer: my step dad caught these next couple of shots for us.

The winner (right) and runner-up (left/also right’s daughter) for one of the prizes.

I had a bunch of unused Play-Doh that cost $30 sitting around so I decided to implement the baby-making game. Whoever makes the best baby in the allotted time wins a prize. These babies were too cute, just like their makers! I can’t say the same about the other babies…

There was not enough room for all the gifts we got, such a loved baby already. (What a great backdrop, right!?)

We asked our guests to bring books, new or old, to start Miss Baby’s library. We got many books, I am so excited to read them with her. Thanks to our lovely guests for fulfilling these wishes.

The budget has been tight so I couldn’t arrange for any maternity photos to be taken. However, Kathryn got some elegant photos of me and miss baby bump at the nursery. They actually make the perfect maternity photos.





Again, I would share them all but I’ve got to treasure some for our memories. These shots do a wonderful job at telling you the story. It was simple, it was natural, it was bright! All the people who came made it even better. There was real, pure love in the air. What a great way to welcome Miss Baby!

We appreciate the support. We appreciate the effort. And we hope to keep looking this graceful in the future. Where God’s hand is, there is a great handiwork. None of this could have happened without His provision. He blessed me with a great shower, amazing people, and a precious baby.

Psalm 127:3 (NKJV)
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.


With love,
Mama X

Special thanks to:
My empowering family
My faithful friends
Kathryn Ramos
Valkaria Gardens
…and the deputy who made sure we all crossed the street safely!


P.S. I got many gifts and we’ve removed things from the registry that have already been bought. There are still things left on the registry that we need… If you’d like to send us something, big or small, we’d appreciate it a million.


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  1. 🥰😍 This is just the beautiful beginning of you and your Precious Miss Baby!
    This is such an elegant post. I love every bit of it ❤️


  2. Your recount of this special day is so on point. We had a marvelous time and you are correct… God’s peace was with us. We love you and Miss Baby!

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