the place for HOPEMADE Women

Have life’s circumstances left you hopeless? Time is passing you by, there’s no motivation left in you, you’re at your wit’s end…..all of the above?

I’m glad you’re here! Maybe you’ve got very consuming work at your job or in your home, maybe depression or anxiety has a hold on you, maybe you have a big dream and you don’t know where to start, maybe you’ve just hit rock bottom and want to give up, already!

Despite your life situation, this is where you are a creative thinker, faithful servant, an inspiration, and a valuable leader.

This is where you are The Hopemade Woman and with love, we will hold you accountable.

The Hopemade Woman holds dear the knowing that something greater is to come, that she does not work in vain, and that her loved ones will be touched because she lives from a place of faith.

Her joy is spiritual, deep, and fruitful.

She is driven by purpose.

She has a passion for pursuing a meaningful life during success AND hardship.

She does not give up because she knows what real hope is.

It’s time to let the Hopemade Woman inside of you shine outwardly!

The Hope Village (this blogsite) is a space designed for a community of Hopemade Women to befriend one another, encourage each other, teach one another, and achieve together. Here you can find resources: