Helping creative women reconnect to their life through Hope.

I get it, you are an extremely creative woman with wonderful ideas but your compass is spinning with busy-ness. You do not know which direction to head in. You have multiple dreams but you are nowhere near accomplishing a single one of them. (Actually, they all seem kind of different from each other? and the realization of this is painful!)

Because the most successful life is the one with little regret, lots of harmony and a heaping load of Jesus. God designed you, lady, a special way. And the reason why you’re so frazzled is because you are struggling against the structure of who you are. You are chasing waterfalls, you are neglecting what should really get done and, you are worrying about being behind which is causing you to sign up for more than what you can handle. Yet, nothing is getting done that feels right.

You may be severely disconnected from yourself.

You could blame your circumstances, your upbringing, and whatever else you think is stopping you. Or, you can read the signals for opportunities to live your dream every.single.day. Don’t let social media fool you, you don’t need tons of followers and approval to be successful. You don’t even need a ton of money. You just need peace.

Feel that spark inside of you! It means you’re in the right place because I can’t help giver uppers. Are you ready to liberate yourself from this block?

No more hopelessly waiting on your dream life to appear, instead I will show you how to hopemake your way to living out your life dream daily. Take a deep breath, together, we are going to clear up your perspective, uncover your enthusiasm and devise an action plan.

The success is not in the end-goals, although those are pretty yummy, too. The success is in the peace you feel with your life as you go to bed every night and the joy you feel every morning when you wake up.

We do this by making time and space for what matters. And how do you know what matters, you make ask? We discover that through creative expression, constructive concentration, and sensitivity practice/embodiment.

You have permission to express your dream and find daily opportunities for genuine, peaceful success.

Your life dream is hiding in plain sight. You don’t need to go soul searching or hunt for your passion. Once you sense the greatness of God’s design, you discover all the opportunities to become the creative thinker, faithful servant, inspiration, and valuable leader your village needs. Today.